Otasuke 2022 ANISONG FESTIVAL x OtaCuTE Maid Cafe Will Happen this March 19 to 20

OtaCutE is introducing another something that’s been widely requested for some time now, and it’s the best way to welcome the spring season of 2022 with the Otasuke 2022 ANISONG FESTIVAL.

The Otasuke 2022 Anisong Festival will happen on March 20, 2022 from 12:00pm to 8:30pm for an exclusive day full of song and dance performances, Wotagei Psyllium dance performances, and Anicura DJ playlists that’ll envelop the Laperal Activity Hall.

This event is open to all J-pop music enthusiasts of all ages and niches and an event only exclusive to on-site pre-registered attendees.

Ticket price will be 290 pesos per head and payable via GCash. Please click this link to secure your place. And as of March 17, walk-ins are also welcome as we Metro Manila is now on Alert Level 1.

The Otasuke 2022 ANISONG FESTIVAL will feature some of the artist groups who will sing your favorite anime songs such as Bella6ix, Ivy Musume, Arin Gili, AIDreamin, DNE, HIBANA Wotagei, and many more.

And if you want to take a rest after jamming and singing your favorite anime music, you may visit the Otasuke Maid Cafe that will happen on the same day as the ANISONG FESTIVAL.

Back by popular demand, OtaCutE’s teaming up once again with Juice Cubi to bring back the well received Maid Cafe experience for a limited time only! Experience a unique cafe setup as you are graced by our cute, lovely trained maids as they pamper you in a memorable way no cafe could. Pick among one of the various personalities that our maids would act as to your satisfaction, engage in cute & fun activities with them, watch them perform at your request, and share a frozen moment that would encapsulate a memory you couldn’t get anywhere else!!

To better accommodate our new & returning Masters & Mistresses, this 2-day mini-event will be for customers who availed of PRE-PAID RESERVATIONS ONLY, limited slots & TIME-BOUND to make sure everyone gets to experience the full service with little to no hiccups.

The Maid Cafe will happen this March 19 to 20 from 12:00pm to 8:00pm at the Juice Cubi, Laperal, Recto Ave. Sampaloc Manila (Near OtaCute, Near Legarda LRT Station). Click this link for more information about the event.

This event is organized by OtaCutE together with Otasuke! Cosplay Community App.

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