eXpress from Japan: 10-Episode Marathon Plus New Episode of INUZUMA ELEVEN ARES on Animax this June 15

On its teaser posted on YouTube and showed during commercial breaks, South East Asia anime channel Animax will set to air the sports anime “Inuzuma Eleven Ares” this Friday, June 15.

But before the episode premiere which is will air ‘eXpress from Japan’, catch the 10-episode special marathon from 3:00pm of June 15, following the ‘Same Day as Japan’ new episode telecast at 8:00pm



Inazuma Eleven Ares is a 2018 anime television series, based on the role-playing video game of the same name.

It depicts an alternative canon following the events of the first season of the original Inazuma Eleven anime. Taking place sometime after Raimon’s victory in the Football Frontier, in this alternative universe, the alien attack from the second season never occurs. Japanese soccer has been deemed weak compared to international competition. Due to this, the Raimon Eleven have been disbanded, and its members are sent to different soccer teams across Japan in the hopes of strengthening Japan’s soccer at a national level. Moreover, in the modern world of Japanese youth soccer, sponsorship has become a vital aspect of a team’s survival. A youth team must have a sponsor, otherwise, their club will face disbandment, and are not permitted to partake in matches.

The series focuses on the forward Asuto Inamori and his team, Inakuni Raimon, which is made up of players from the remote Inakunijima Island. They have replaced the original Raimon Eleven as Raimon Junior High’s soccer team, and are competing as underdogs in the annual Football Frontier youth tournament.


Animax is a television channel operated by Sony Pictures Television which broadcasts Japanese language anime programmings and English-language feeds in Southeast Asia including the Philippines.

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