Reveals Cosplay Mania Event Series For 2023 released through their social media pages the plans for the Cosplay Mania 2023 Event Series with the theme “ISEKAI RE:BORN” as well as the days when the said event series will be held.

In the video trailer they released on their social media platforms, Cosplay Mania revealed the days when the four cosplay conventions included in the event series will be held.

Click here to view the trailer video.

First up is the Cosplay Carnival 2023 which will be held this April 1-2 with the theme “Re:Born a Dragon”. Next, the Anime and Cosplay Expo will be held this July 15-16 with the theme “Re:Born a Chimera”. One of the biggest cosplay conventions in the country, Cosplay Mania 2023, will be held on September 30 and October 1 with the theme “Re:Born a Machine”. And the last cosplay convention before the end of the year Cosplay Matsuri 2023 with the theme “Re:Born an Oni” will be held on December 28-30.

As the days when the said events will be held have been revealed, it has not yet been detailed where they will be held. For several years, the SMX Convention Center became the home of the Cosplay Mania Event Series to better accommodate more cosplay and anime fans as well as casual congoers.

For other details, please check the social media pages of Cosplay Mania and on various social media platforms.

O’Taco Bites has become the media partner of the Cosplay Mania Event Series for the year 2022.

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