Disney+ is Coming to PH this November 17 | Here’s What You Need to Know

Disney announced today that their streaming service Disney+ is coming to the Philippines this November 17. Here are some things you should know about the upcoming launch of the said video-on-demand streaming service.

  • The said streaming service will be launched this November 17 and you can pre-register at this link to get news and updates on the upcoming launch of Disney+.
  • The price to have access and watch their content in their VOD service is from 159 pesos per month or 1150 pesos per year and it can only be used for single screens and for those who use mobile phones and tablets. While it is 369 pesos per month or 2950 pesos per year if you want to use it on other devices such as PCs, laptops or maybe TV sets and you can watch up to four screens at the same time.
  • Some of the content that can be watched on the said streaming service is the content created and from Disney, Pixar, MARVEL, Star Wars, National Geographic, and STAR for non-English content.
  • Some of the foreign content included in Disney+ Originals can also be watched such as some anime like “Summertime Rendering”, “Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall”, “Aoashi” and others.

  • Some anime from well-known distributors such as MUSE Singapore (The Devil is a Part Timer), and Medialink (Platinum End, Tomodachi Game, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War) can also be watched on Disney+.
  • WWE Premium Live Events that can only be seen on the WWE Network will now be available on Disney+.

Disney+ will be available on all devices and platforms this November 17. For other details you can visit their website for other information.

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