From Hero to Quitter | I’m Quitting Heroing – Episode 01 [Review]

There are many great anime that you can watch this Spring 2022 season. The season is its surrounded by if not romance is concentrated sequels of popular anime well known by the audience.

Of all the anime out there this season, one of the titles that caught my attention was “I’m Quitting Heroing”. So in this article I will do a review about this anime. In each article, I will review the events in an episode and I will give my opinion or reaction to that episode.

Because this article contains a spoiler about episode 1 of “I’m Quitting Heroing“, be sure to watch episode 1 of it on Ani-One Asia on YouTube or here on TrueID Philippines.


The Meetup between the Hero and the Elite Four
Episode 1 is titled “My Next Interview’s at the Demon Queen’s Palace!”. And in this episode, we meet Leo Demonheart, he is a hero who wants to quit his role for many reasons. We also met here Elite Four members Shutina, Lily, Edvard and Mermes. We also find out in this episode how the Elite Four met Leo and of course that was at a time when they were still fighting. The members of the elite four each have their own stories of how Leo defeated them in battle.

This part is good because we saw the personalities of the members of the Elite Four when they were up against Leo and the reason why it is so easy to accept that they will be with Hero in the conversation. At least it won’t be difficult for Leo to apply to be their member and help rebuild Demon World, or that’s what he thought.


Echidna meets Leo
In this episode we also meet Echidna, the current Demon Queen of the Demon World. She is one of the most powerful in the entire demon world. Because Leo wants to apply to help, he has to face the queen. In that interview, Leo testified why he needed to be hired and hired to help rebuild Demon World. And of course Echidna objected to this because she was his opponent then and he was also the cause of the destruction of the Demon World

I get Echidna in this scenario. I mean, who’s a fool to hire someone who is also the reason why your area was destroyed. Like in modern times, who would dare to apply to the company you ruined before? Did you get it? But in Leo’s case, he applied because he had a reason. There is a deep reason why he applied.


Leo’s Reason for Quitting as a Hero
In this episode, we also find out the reason for Leo’s quit as a hero. Why he was desperate to be hired. One of the most important reasons was how he would treat the people he saved from the devastation caused by the demon race. to the point that they want to oust the hero for being overpowered and he might even be a threat to them. He also recounted how he found out that Echidna had hired people to help rebuild the destroyed Demon World so he thought of applying. And of course after the interview, he was also not accepted but the Elite Four gave him a chance on a condition that he had to go through trials.

There is a saying that “man is worse than an animal” and this term is true. You are the type who does good to others, you are the one who looks bad to them. Leo did a good job of leaving and moving because he did not deserve the treatment he received. It’s a good thing that Leo is really kind and doesn’t know how to instill resentment in others.


Did you like this review of mine? Don’t forget to comment or react to this article. I have another review article about “I’m Quitting Heroing” so stay tuned. “I’m Quitting Heroing” can be watched on Ani-One Asia on YouTube and on TrueID Philippines for free.

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