Aniplus Asia – Spring 2022 Anime Simulcast Line Up

Here are the new simulcast anime you can watch this Spring 2022 season on Aniplus Asia.

Anime fans will be able to watch some of the sequels of popular anime such as The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2, Magia Record Final Season, and Kingdom Season 4. In addition, new anime they are offering this season such as of Fanfare of Adolescence and Trapped in a Dating Sim. You can watch all of them at the same time as Japan.

Fanfare of Adolescence
Premieres April 2, every Saturday at 9:00pm

A popular idol who meets his real dream for the first time. A boy who grew up on an island with dreams of spending his days on horse racing. A boy from England who is unsure of his path, but still chooses to follow his dreams. This is a story about boys who enroll in the Horse Racing School to pursue their dreams of becoming a jockey.

Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs
Premieres April 3, every Sunday at 10:00pm

Former office worker Leon is reincarnated into an “”otome game”” where the only ones who aren’t oppressed are the male adversaries in the game. However, he has a secret weapon to help him amidst his despair and oppression – the “”knowledge”” of the very game he is trapped in. Aspiring to lead a peaceful life in the countryside, he causes a revolution against the girls and the male adversaries!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story [Magia Record] Final Season -Dawn of a Shallow Dream-
Premieres April 3, every Sunday at 10:00pm

The Magical Girls rush to see Iroha while fighting against Rumor of the Soldier Bear. The Amane sisters also stand in their way, but Mifuyu keeps them in check. Meanwhile, Iroha and Toka regain the memories that Nemu’s power took from them.

What conclusion awaits all the Magical Girls who continue to fight for each of their wishes…?

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2
Premieres April 6, every Wednesday at 9:00pm

Naofumi Iwatani, the “Shield Hero”, is tasked to subdue the “Spirit Tortoise” at the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom, which has been forcefully revived and will bring forth a disaster. Will Naofumi subdue the monster and reach the mastermind? He stands up once again to protect the things dear to him.

Kingdom Season 4
Premieres April 10, every Sunday at 2:30am

Ying Zheng takes a step closer to realizing his ambition of becoming the ruler who unites China.

Aniplus is the ultimate platform people to connect through Japanese anime and pop culture! Watch the latest anime series, same day as Japan. Available on Cignal TV, Satlite TV, Sky Cable and some of the local pay-TV cable operators here in the Philippines

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