The Rising of the Shield Hero S2, Kingdom S4, Magia Record Final Season to Simulcast on Aniplus Asia this Spring 2022

Sequels will dominate this Spring 2022 on Aniplus Asia as they will simulcast the 4th season of Kingdom, final season of Magia Record and the 2nd season of The Rising of the Shield Hero this second quarter of the year.

Announcement came from social media postings from the said pay-TV anime channel. All of the said titles will air the same time as Japan.

Kingdom Season 4 premieres this April 10, every Sunday at 2:30am PHT.

The story start at 245 B.C. in China, during the Warring States period. A servant named Shin fights for the state of Qin.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: MAGIA RECORD Final Season -Dawn of a Shallow Dream- premieres this April 3, every Sunday.

The magical girls of Kamihama City forms an alliance called the Kamihama Union. Meanwhile Iroha deals with the kimochi, a new kind of creature distinct from uwasa and witches. The Promise Blood, another group of magical girls from outside the city come to Kamihama to exact their grievances. The remnants of the Magius also regroup as the Neo Magius.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 premieres this April 6, every Wednesday.

A man equipped with only a shield is chosen to be one of the world’s great defenders, but when a cruel betrayal shatters his reputation, he tries to regain the public’s trust while fighting evil alongside a few devoted allies.

All titles will be airing on Pay TV exclusively on Aniplus Asia. Available on Cignal TV, SatLite TV, Sky Cable, and some of the local pay-TV providers in the Philippines.

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