Isekai Mania on Animax Asia – March 2022 Line Up

This March at Animax Asia will be the month of Isekai Mania. As we will be able to watch not just one but two Isekai Anime this month with titles like “How a Realist Hero Rebuild a Kingdom” and “The World’s Finest Assassin”.

How a Realist Rebuild a the Kingdom premieres March 9, Wednesday to Thursday at 8:00pm with back to back episodes.

Based on the light novel and manga series from 2014. After the death of his grandfather, Kazuya Soma is suddenly summoned to another world. The place he is summoned to is the Kingdom of Elfrieden, which resembles a medieval Europe. With his natural rational spirit and modern knowledge, he gradually reorganizes the financial and political system of a poor kingdom by proposing new policies and turn the kingdom’s fortunes around.

Synopsis taken from Animax Asia PR

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat premieres March 11, Wednesday to Friday at 10:00pm with back to back episodes.

Based on the light novel series, the story of The World’s Finest Assassin follows Lugh Tuatha Dé, the heir to a noble family and the titular assassin. In his previous life, Lugh was the world’s greatest assassin and upon his death, a goddess decides to give him a new life in another world so that he can prevent its final destruction. Using the memories, skills and experiences of his old life, Lugh endeavors to finally live to the fullest and not be used as someone else’s tool.

Synopsis taken from Animax Asia PR

For the celebration of International Women’s Month, Animax Asia will re-air two anime to showcase the different types and unique talents of women. The adventure anime “A Place Further than the Universe” will air starting March 9, Weekdays at 6:00 pm and the music anime “Music Girls” starting March 28 at 6:00 pm.

Animax Asia is a premium cable television network dedicated to bringing you the best Anime shows from Japan! Available on Cignal TV, SatLiteTV, GSAT, SkyCable, Cablelink, and other local pay TV providers in the Philippines.

Video on Demand content is also available on TrueID Philippines! Download the app on Google Play Store for any android devices or on Apple App Store for any iOS devices. Or visit via web or mobile browsers.

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