Top 10 Anime Girlfriends We Wish We Have in Real Life

Valentines day is the day where we remind our loved ones how much we love them. This is also the day we give flowers and chocolates to make them feel how important they are to us. So today, in celebration of the month of hearts, we will get to know the female anime characters who we think fit the criteria of men to be the ideal girlfriend.

With the help of our friends in the anime community, we selected 10 female characters in various anime series to find out if they can be called the ideal girlfriend and why.

Here are the Top 10 anime girlfriends we wish we had in real life in no particular order.

  1. Asuna Yuuki
    (Sword Art Online)

She was one of the 10,000 players trapped in a VRMMO game called “Sword Art Online”. She is a kind and helpful young woman who cannot abandon another in trouble. Despite the harem surrounding her boyfriend Kirito, her patience and loyalty is immeasurable.

  1. Iroha Igarashi
    (3D Kanojo: Real Girl)

She is a very kind-hearted, honest and straightforward girl who usually speaks her minds without reservation. She is the woman we thought was volatile and flirtatious but of course we were wrong. In the course of the story, we see who she really is and how she became loyal to her boyfriend Hikari even though they only had 6 months to be lovers.

  1. Rinko Yamato
    (My Love Story!!)

Rinko is one of my favorite female anime characters but for what reason? Simply put, She is the type of woman who does not look at outward or physical appearance but at what kind of person you are. We proved that when he met Takeo and he saved Rinko from someone who was molesting her. In addition, Rinko’s aggressiveness in admitting her liking for Takeo, which is so cute and thrilling.

  1. Kotoko Inagawa

She is known as the “Goddess of Wisdom” of the yokai and currently the girlfriend of Kuro Sakuragawa. Kotoko’s pure love and affection towards Kuro is one of the reasons why she is an ideal girlfriend in this anime.

  1. Mai Sakurajima
    (Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai)

She is very sensitive, polite, levelheaded, helpful, and kind. One of the reasons why I can call her ideal girlfriend is also because of her mature attitude, understandable and at the same time her sweetness especially to Sakuta who is her boyfriend.

  1. Misaki Ayuzawa
    (Maid Sama!)

Who can forget one of the iconic female characters Misaki Ayuzawa. Student council president in the morning, maid in the evening. She is a hard worker, gentle, encouraging, and helpful lady. This is also probably one of the reasons why the fantasies at their school that Usui Takumi fell in love with Misaki.

  1. Kouko Kaga
    (Golden Time)

At first, I thought Koko was a spoiled brat when I first saw him but of course again I was wrong. She is the type of woman who will do everything for her goal. Even so, she is sweet and very lovable especially to her boyfriend Banri who is experiencing amnesia. Even so, Koko still accepted it.

  1. Taiga Aisaka

Better known as the “Palmtop Tiger” in their school. Taiga is quite popular for her childish and doll-like looks, but is unable to stomach company from others. My view of Taiga changed when she realized her feelings for Ryuji. Because maybe she got the attention she needed especially when Taiga would visit Ryuji’s house and eat. She’s really sweet but just don’t make her angry.

  1. Winry Rockbell
    (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

She is cheerful, strong-willed, bubbly, hot-headed and empathetic. She loves everything about automails and mechanic, and always puts all her heart and effort into her work. One of the reasons Winry entered the automail job was because to support her younger siblings Ed and Alfonse Elric. She is the type of woman who will support you in whatever you do and that is also why she is one of the ideal girlfriend among anime fans.

  1. Belldandy
    (Ah! My Goddess)

If there’s one person I can call everyone’s ideal girlfriend, it’s Belldandy. To those who do not yet know her, she is one of the goddesses who went to earth to give support to those who should be given grace. Because of Keiichi’s request that he want Belldandy to stay on earth and support him, he has no choice but to comply with his request. As the story progresses, Belldandy falls in love with Keiichi. She’s the type of woman who will do everything just support you. Just don’t make him angry and the weather may change.

And those are the 10 female anime characters that I think I can call the ideal girlfriend. I wish everyone happy valentines. May your celebration be happy and full of love.

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