NOILION teaser video & OP theme song for Ultraman season 2 revealed!

Japan January 5, 2022 / Bandai Namco Arts –

The Lantis label announced the debut of NOILION, a three-person creator unit consisting of a singer, DJ, and VJ. The members are LIO, a world-class bilingual singer with a high-toned voice, KILLIT, an up-and-coming DJ who suddenly appeared on the scene, and REAK, a VJ at the forefront of the Japanese club scene who specializes in visually stunning live performances using projection mapping.

At the same time, a teaser video produced by VJ REAK was released on YouTube. This video was created using a green background and a technique called volumetric photography. Under NOILION’s concept of “Live On in the Noisy World”—that is, living on as a human through the noise and distortion of the digital age—this video expresses going back and forth between the real and digital worlds.

It was also announced that NOILION has been chosen to produce the OP theme song for Ultraman Season 2, which will be released worldwide on Netflix this April. The title of the song is “3”. This name refers to three minutes of sound, Ultraman’s three minute timer, the three members of the group, and the three dimensions of the XR video produced by REAK. This song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major music distribution websites from today. Please enjoy a new musical experience created by LIO’s powerful voice and the latest combination of club music and guitar produced TeddyLoid.

With anticipation for the anime release growing, a promotional video using the song “3” was released last Wednesday, January 5.

Song Title: 3
Lyrics: Konnie Aoki
Composition/Arrangement: TeddyLoid


From Tokyo, creating a unique blend of music and visuals, the world’s attention is gathering on this new group called NOILION. With the phrase, “Live On in the Noisy World” as the focal point, their message speaks to embrace the warmth of being a human, through the noise and distortion of the digital age.

  • With TeddyLoid as the sound producer, a chemical reaction is caused by the three members of this creator unit:
  • A world-class bilingual high-tone vocalist, “LIO.”
  • A new, edgy, mysterious DJ, “KILLIT.”
  • A VJ skilled in projection mapping live performances, taking over the forefront of Japan’s club scene, “REAK.”

NOILION official website

NOILION official Twitter

NOILION official Instagram

NOILION official YouTube

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