ANIPLUS Asia to Simulcast Tokyo 24th Ward and The Case Study of Vanitas 2nd Cour as part of Winter 2022 Line Up

South East Asian Pay TV Anime channel Aniplus Asia announced through its social media platforms that they will air Tokyo 24th Ward and The Case Study of Vanitas 2nd cour as part of the Winter 2022 Simulcast Line Up.

Plus Media Networks Asia has licensed both Tokyo 24th Ward and The Case Study of Vanitas 2nd cour in Southeast Asia and will released it on Aniplus Asia.

Tokyo 24th Ward is an upcoming Japanese original anime television series produced by CloverWorks. The series is scheduled to premiere in January 2022.

Tokyo 24th Ward
Premieres January 2022 on

An artificial island in Tokyo Bay—Kyokutou Houreigai Tokubetsu Chiku (Far East Special District), commonly known as the 24-ku (24th Ward).

Childhood friends Ran, Kouki, and Shuuta, who were born and raised there, have different family backgrounds, hobbies, and personalities, but always hung out together. However, their relationship changes drastically in the wake of a certain incident.

At the first anniversary memorial of the incident, the three friends happen to meet again and their phones begin to ring simultaneously. The phone call is from a supposedly dead friend, urging them to “choose the future.” The three will try to protect their beloved 24th Ward and the future of its people in their own ways.

Synopsis taken from myAnimeList

The Case Study of Vanitas is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. It is set in 19th century Paris and contains vampire and steampunk thematics. The series is a split-cour anime, with the first half aired from July 3 to September 18, 2021. The second half will premiere on January 15, 2022.

The Case Study of Vanitas (2nd cour)
Premieres this January 15, 2022, Saturday at 12:30am

Scorned by others of his kind for being born under a blue moon, the vampire Vanitas grew afraid and desolate. According to legend, he created a cursed grimoire known as the “Book of Vanitas,” and it is said he would one day use it to bring retribution upon all vampires of the crimson moon.

In 19th century Paris, Noé Archiviste is searching for the fabled Book of Vanitas. Whilst traveling aboard an airship, he is saved from a vampire attack by an eccentric doctor who calls himself Vanitas and carries the very tome he seeks. Ironically, the self-proclaimed vampire specialist is a mere human who inherited both his name and the book from his master, the same Vanitas of legend. As the odd case of the Charlatan’s Parade crops up, the doctor’s ability to restore sanity to vampires by recovering their true name will prove most beneficial.

Synopsis taken from myAnimeList

Watch the Newest Anime Simulcast from Japan on ANIPLUS Asia. Available on SkyCable, Cignal TV, SatLite TV, and other local Pay TV operators in the Philippines. Visit for more info.

ANIPLUS Asia is a Southeast Asian pay television channel which offers the newest anime simulcast from Japan. The channel airs the notable anime series from Japan. Notable series include Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, The Promised Neverland, and Kantai Collection.

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