Disney+ is Now Investing on Anime, Will Stream 3 Anime this 2022 Exclusively on The Said Platform

It was announced that the TV anime ” Summer Time Rendering “ based on Yasuki Tanaka , the TV anime ” Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL “, and the anime “Yojohan Time Machine Blues” will be exclusively streaming on Disney+.

This was announced at Disney’s media announcement event “APAC Content Showcase” held today on October 14th. All three works are scheduled to be distributed worldwide in 2022.

Yojohan Time Machine Blues” will exclusively streaming on Disney+, and then the movie version of the re-edited episode will be also included. Original episodes which have not seen in theaters will also be streaming on Disney+.

At the event, more than 20 new contents including these three anime was unveiled at the same time.

Masaaki Ninomiya “Gannibal” drama and smartphone game “Disney Twisted Wonderland” animation plan were also announced.

Disney+ is expected to be launched in the Philippines this 2022.

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