Korea’s CJ ENM, Japan’s Toei Animation align; joint task force set up to accelerate production

Korea’s CJ ENM has tied up with Japan’s studio Toei Animation in a strategic partnership that aligns the homes of, among other iconic properties, “Parasite” and “Dragon Ball Z”.

The two plan to create/co-produce premium TV series, films and animation targeting a global audience, and have formed a joint task-force with creatives from both sides to accelerate production, the companies said. Talking about the ability “to collaborate on multiple levels”, the companies said this morning their alliance was designed to expand their global footprints.

Parasite, CJ ENM

CJ ENM will be able to develop a Toei Animation IP into a feature film and Toei Animation will be able to develop a CJ ENM IP into an animation, the joint announcement said.

Dragon Ball Series, Toei Animation

The two companies can also join forces to create an entirely new content targeted to be distributed not only in Korea and Japan, but for a global audience,” it added.

Through this strategic partnership, we plan to develop never-seen-before transmedia content in both Korea and Japan,” said Jongmin Yi, senior vice president of CJ ENM’s Content R&D Center.


CJ ENM and Toei Animation also said the partnership gave both access to each other’s libraries and regional markets.

Toei Animation Logo

Toei Animation’s library houses 13,100 episodes, including 255 feature films and 288 television series.

Source: contentasia.tv

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