Nogizaka46 Yoda Yuuki Joins “Hontoni Atta Kowaii Hanashi”

Nogizaka46 member Yuuki Yoda will join in the Japanese TV drama series of “Hontoni Atta Kowaii Hanashi.” which was revealed last October 9. She will star in the drama part “Seven Mysteries (Tentative)” and will play the role of Saki Onodera, a high school girl.

One day after school, Saki was preparing for a school festival with her classmates Nanami Iida (Rea Nagami) and Yuna Nakamura (Yumena Yanai). Then, Yuna tells her to do “Kokuri-san,” which is one of the seven mysteries at her school. The three started Kokkuri, but were stopped by his classmate Ryo Moriyama (Ryuya Miyase), and Moriyama said, “Because you can collect really bad spirits, you shouldn’t do this even if you’re playful.” Tell. In the wake of Mr. Kokkuri, strange phenomena occur one after another around Saki.

Ms. Yoda explained, “I heard about the seven mysteries of school while I was a student, but I never experienced anything… At school, I used to give it my all, but something occurs in those areas as well. I didn’t have it, so I read the script and felt it was terrifying that something like this had happened!”.

-Impression that the appearance was decided

She introduced herself as Kokkuri for the first time at the scene. She also mentioned, “I was terrified that it might move while I was photographing, and I was ecstatic when it did. I was overjoyed that I was able to witness the seven mysteries as a result of this production. That is all there is to it”.

-Impression of reading the script

In preparation for the show, “The seven mysteries of school are well-known, but I doubt many people have experienced them. On the contrary, it’s a little frightening because it feels so familiar. I believe there are certain opportunities, therefore I’m hoping that viewers would be scared to witness “Human Scary” as if they were in school again “.

–A message to all the fans who are looking forward to the program

Everyone has heard of school’s “Seven Mysteries,” but I doubt many people have ever experienced them. Because it feels so similar to me, I believe there are some scary elements, and I’m confident that viewers will be shocked to see “genuinely scary” as if they were back in school. If you could, it would be fantastic.

The TV Drama series will air every 21:00 on Saturday, starting October 23 on Fuji TV in Japan


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