“Yashahime -Princess Half Demon-” 2nd Act Episode 26 – Preview Images, Synopsis And Date Premiere

The preview images for the episode 26 of “Yashahime -Princess Half Demon-” 2nd Act has been revealed together with the synopsis of the episode which will air this Saturday, October 9.

Episode 26 will be entitled as “Demon Spirit of the Sea” which will be broadcasting this Saturday, October 9 at 5:30pm JST via Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV in Japan.

Episode 26 Synopsis
According to a message from Totosai, I visited a coastal village in search of the roots of a weapon, a sucking soul, to confront Kirinmaru. hear. It seems that it was originally a ghost called “Watatsumi no Tamahi” that protects the surrounding sea. On the other hand, the nun of the seaside Nunji Temple, which Moroha Tosetsuna helped, was the sea snake woman. When they see their eyes, they are in a difficult situation because they cannot make an effective attack against the sea snake woman who turns into a stone, but the extermination shops rush to there.

“Yashahime -Princess Half Demon-” 2nd Act Episode 26 will also stream here in the Philippines via TrueID this Saturday at 6:00pm PHT. You may stream the new and past episodes by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/otb_yashahime

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