Revival of Great Demon and The Foresight Eye (REVIEW) – Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation 2nd Cour Episode 12

Here we are! The much-awaited second cour of “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” started with a bang. I was very excited because this is one of the most anticipated anime of this fall season. Without further ado, here’s my review for the 12th episode of “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation.”.

*Eris First Time To The Sea
Eris told Rudeus before that she has never been to sea. And one day, she reached it with Rudeus and Rujerd. She was elated because it was the first time she had reached the sea. She was playing in the sand. Then she told Rudeus that she wanted to swim in the ocean. Rudeus approved it but Rujerd disagrees with them because there are a lot of monsters living in the sea.

*Appearance of Kishirika Kishuru
Rudeus went to the market to buy food for themselves. He remembered Roxy. He was wondering how Roxy is. After he buys food, he went home. On his way home, he heard a moan of a woman. He trailed that sound then he saw a beggar begging for food to a man. But the man passes the beggar. So Rudeus reached the beggar and gave her all the foods that he buy. The beggar receives and eats it. Then the beggar said, “With that food, I can live another year.”. Then the beggar revealed herself. She was the Great Demon.

*Rudeus received the foresight eyes
After the Great Demon revealed herself, she thanked Rudeus for what he has done to her. Then she told Rudeus that she will grant one of his wishes to pay his kindness. Then Rudeus told her that he want enormous wealth, but she declined it because she was broke. Another wish is he wants half of the world but she declined it again because she didn’t rule the world. Last wish is he want her body. She is ready to show her skin but she remembered that she had a fiancee. So she suggested that she will give her one of his 12 eyes. Then he receives his foresight eyes.

*Rudeus tried to sell his wand
After a week, Rudeus had sparred with Eris. He defeated Eris with his newly acquired foresight eyes. Eris was so disappointed. She wanted to win to prove herself that she reached Rudeus (In terms of combating). Rudeus was lonely when Eris was disappointed. That night he went out and go to a motel. But Rujerd saw him and ask where he was going. Then he thinks that Rudeus want to sell his wand. They got an argument. He feels that Rudeus making decisions without consulting him or Eris. But after that argument, the case was closed peacefully and Rudeus did not sell his wand.

It was 8 out of 10. I saw new faces and Rudeus got a new skill.  I am excited about what roles of these new characters and how did they affect Rudeus journey. The animation was the same as the first 11 episodes so the quality doesn’t change. But I felt dizzy when Rudeus use foresight eyes. Overall, it is good quality anime.

“Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” 2nd Cour is streaming every Monday at 12:00am on Muse Asia YouTube Channel.

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