Kana Hanazawa Joins in Theatrical Animation “Goodbye, Don Gries!”

Kana Hanazawa will participate as an additional cast in “Goodbye, Don Gries”, an original theater animation by Atsuko Ishizuka and MADHOUSE.

Key Visual of “Goodbye, Don Gries!”

Kana Hanazawa plays the role of Tivoli, the longing classmate of Roma (Natsuki Hanae). Other casts are Toto (Yuki Kaji) who met Roma when she was in elementary, and Drop (Ayumu Murase) but as an additional cast also.

Kana Hanazawa

■ Tivoli (Chihori Urayasu) CV: Kana Hanazawa
She is a girl who moved to the rural town where Roma lives when she was a junior high school student. Her cheerful smile was fascinating and she was noticed by everyone. She loves photography, and although she’s never been in the same class as Roma, she talks to her one day in an extracurricular lesson when she sees Roma with her longing SLR camera. She decided to move to Ireland quickly because of her parents’ work without waiting for her graduation.

Key visual of Tivoli

Kana Hanazawa’s comment when she receives the role of Tivoli:
“When I received the offer, I was blissful to be involved in the work directed by Atsuko Ishizuka again. Tivoli, who is in charge of her voice, is a girl who likes cameras and plays an important role with a little adultness, and the content of the work is already too good. I enjoyed it crazy while being at the mercy of the development. I would like you to see the rich youth pattern of Don Gries on a big screen!”

Kana Hanazawa Recording for Tivoli

In case you miss the trailer of “Goodbye, Don Gries!”, you can watch it below.

In addition, the comical serialization of this work will start from the “Monthly Comic Gene November 2021 issue” released on October 15, 2021 (Friday). You can enjoy the adventure of “Don Gries” drawn by up-and-coming writer Shinki ahead of the movie.

Source: mynavi.jp

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