“SKET DANCE” 10th Anniversary First Blu-ray Announcement 10th Anniversary Visual Distribution

To celebrate their 10th anniversary of the TV broadcast, TV anime “SKET DANCE” released their 10th anniversary visual.

SKET DANCE 10th-year visual

“SKET DANCE”, which broadcasted all 77 episodes in 2011 and 2012, is a TV animation of Kenta Shinohara’s popular manga, which has a cumulative circulation of over 14 million copies.

The SKET group which consists of Bossun (Hiroyuki Yoshino), Himeko (Ryoko Shiraishi), and Switch (Tomokazu Sugita) wrote the word “Celebration of the 10th anniversary”. The 10th-anniversary illustration indicates their 10th anniversary.

“SKET DANCE Memorial Complete Blu-ray” will be released later this year. It was scheduled for December 24th. In addition, distribution through various video distribution services will start in October.

Source: Anime Eiga

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