MNL48 Members Alyssa, Grace, Tin, Kay, and Thea to Leave from The Group

HalloHallo Entertainment, the management behind the local idol group MNL48 has been announced recently through their official website the graduation of five First Generation members (Tin, Grace, Alyssa, Kay, and Thea) from the group.

Thea, Kay, Tin, Alyssa, and Grace are members of MNL48 since the first generation. Thea ranks 45th (next girls) in the first generation, 17th (Under Girls) in the second generation, and 15th (Senbatsu) in the third generation. Kay ranks 34th (next girls) in the first generation, 23rd (Under girls) in the second generation, while 32nd (Next Girls) in the third generation. Tin was ranked 4th (Senbatsu) on the first generation, 27th (Under Girls) on the second generation, 16th (Senbatsu) on the third generation. Alyssa was also ranked 17th (Under Girls) in the first generation, 28th (Under Girls) in the second generation, and 20th (Under Girls) in the third generation. Grace was also ranked 15th (Senbatsu) in the first and second generation, and 30th (Under Girls) in the third generation.

MNL48 Thea

“I have no regret because I know we all fought hard and I’m very grateful to all my COMMUNITHEA, MNLoves, and MNL48 family. I may not continue my idol journey but I will carry those precious memories with MNLoves, staff, and especially my fellow sisters. Whatever future awaits for us I’ll support everyone.” 

-MNL48 Thea stated.

MNL48 Tin

“This is it, I am now taking a new road. It’s hard for me to write a goodbye statement, But, I just want you to know that MNL48 was a remarkable experience and a life lesson. I always say how grateful and blessed I am with this family. Thank you for everything my loves. Thank you for all the love and support. Many memories are treasured and I will keep them in my heart. Hope to see you on my next journey. I will always be your “Dancing is Life” (Empress) MAHAL NA MAHAL KO KAYO! God bless everyone. MNL48 SULONG” 

-MNL48 Tin stated.

MNL48 Alyssa

“As much as I’ve enjoyed my time as an MNL48 member, it’s time for me to move forward and pursue my other goals. All the memories that we have made together will be cherished and fondly remembered. MNL48 and MNLoves will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you so much for supporting me as MNL48 Alyssa, Let’s meet again, okay?”

 – MNL48 Alyssa stated.

MNL48 Kay

“I appreciate your support from the start until this journey ends. I’ve learned different things, I improve myself for that 3 years. I will always cherish all the memories that we have and I am glad for having this opportunity as part of MNL48. It’s not the end, we will meet again! I hope to see you all on my next journey. To all my supporters, MNLoves, family, friends, and HHE family. Thank you so much!”

 – MNL48 Kay stated

MNL48 Grace

“Thank you for always making me feel loved since day one and for entering into the chapter of my life. Now, MNL48 Grace is ready to wave goodbye, I love you and I will forever be thankful for everything!” 

MNL48 Grace stated.

Thea and Tin are part of the 3rd General Election Senbatsu while Grace, Kay, and Alyssa are also part of Under Girls. The 7th single of the group will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, O’Taco Bites had learned that MNL48 First Generation Kyla De Catalina has received the “Exit Letter” from the management meaning she will no longer be part of the group.

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