Aniplus Asia to Simulcast Restaurant in Another World Season 2, The Vampire Dies in No Time and Visual Prison, this Fall 2021

South East Asian pay TV anime channel Aniplus Asia announced through their website that they will simulcast three new anime this fall 2021 season. Titles such as Restaurant to Another World Season 2, Visual Prison, and The Vampire Dies in No Time are the upcoming anime that will premiere this October on the said TV channel.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 premieres this October 2, every Saturday at 2:10am with same day encore at 9:00pm

Western Restaurant Nekoya, the restaurant where Aletta and Kuro work, is identifiable by its sign with a picture of a cat on it. At first glance, it looks your typical Japanese restaurant, but once every 7 days, its door leads to one of several spots in a parallel world.

Through this door, a variety of customers come from the parallel world to dine on exquisite cuisine.

This is the story of the restaurant’s unique visitors, the delicious food it serves, and the once-in-a-lifetime encounters that occur there.

The door once again leads to warm, friendly new meetings.

Synopsis taken from Aniplus Asia Website

The Vampire Dies in No Time premieres this October 4, every Monday at 11:30pm with an encore the following day at 6:00pm

In search of missing children, vampire hunter Ronald heads to the castle of Draluc, who is feared as one of the most formidable vampires…

However, Draluc turns out to be a small-fry vampire who turns to dust at the slightest shock!

Draluc, the weakest vampire in history, together with Ronald, a hard-working vampire hunter and John, an armadillo.

An upbeat comedy unfolds with the weirdos and idiots surrounding them!

Synopsis taken from Aniplus Asia Website

Visual Prison will premiere this October 8, every Saturday at 12:30pm with same day encore at 8:00pm

Unable to find a place to belong, Ange Yuki, a lone young vampire, leaves his hometown for Harajuku, where he stumbles upon a battle between the visual kei groups “ECLIPSE” and “LOS†EDEN”.

Overwhelmed by their performance, Ange is suddenly struck by an immense pain―

Synopsis taken from Aniplus Asia Website

Aniplus Asia is the ultimate platform for people to connect through Japanese anime and pop culture! Watch the latest anime series, same time as Japan. Available on Cignal TV, SatLite TV, GSAT, SkyCable, and more than 100 pay TV operators in the Philippines.

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