Netflix Strengthens Its Support to Anime Creators, Established a New Facility

Netflix Anime Creators’ Base is a community of designers and creators that aims to support the advancement of animation production tools and technologies over the long term. It consists of three spaces: Designer’s Garage, Writers Garage, and Lab.

Netflix has opened a new base, Netflix Anime Creators’ Base in its Tokyo office. Through the facility, Netflix aims to strengthen support for creators and animation production companies involved in its productions.

“Designer’s Garage” is a space for designers and artists, and the two designers currently belong to are Namiko Iitate and Saina Cisse. For the time being, Ishidate and Cisse will focus on the development of concept art and support the initial stages of work development. The Designer’s Garage will welcome staff from a variety of specialties in the future.

Office for Designers and Animators

Writer’s Garage brings together staff involved in Netflix’s animated films to discuss the script. “Lab” is a multipurpose space for testing technologies for future works, such as virtual reality and motion capture. An introducing video of “Netflix Anime Creators Base” was also released on YouTube.

Source: Nikkei / Netflix Anime

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