Funimation Shuts Down Illegal Anime Streaming Apps with DMCA Notices

Anime streaming and distribution company Funimation sent a wave of DMCA/cease-and-desist notices to several illegal or pirate anime streaming apps.

Due to the threats of law enforcement referrals for non-compliance, several apps have already shut down while others are taking evasive action to avoid the same fate.

The Anti-Piracy Campaign pirate apps started this week. Reports began to surface of a new anti-piracy campaign being carried out on behalf of Funimation.

Seeking to protect its investment and existing business, Funimation is using the services of brand protection company Corsearch, which began writing to the operators of anime piracy apps and services warning that they needed to shut down.

Several apps and sites were forced to shut down due to the DMCA/cease-and-desist notices such as Taiyaki, AnimeGlare and Shiro. Other streaming apps such as Project Kamyroll took the initiative to cease the opeations of the said app.

Source: TorrentFreak

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