Main Key Visual For New Anime, Digimon Ghost Game, Released! Premiere On October 3.

The official website of Toei Animation unveiled the new key visual for the new anime under the Digimon franchise entitled “Digimon Ghost Game“.

Key Visual for TV Anime “Digimon Ghost Game”

In addition to the key visual, the staff and cast who will be part of the said anime was also announced.

The Staff includes Tenya Yabuno and Hiroshi Izawa for planning cooperation, Masashi Sogo for the series composition, The series director is Kimitoshi Chioka, who has been involved in directing successive TV series such as “Digimon Adventure” to “Digimon Savers”, and Masato Mitsuka, who was the series director of “Digimon Adventure:”, will be in charge.

Cast who will voice several characters on the upcoming TV anime “Digimon Ghost Game”

On the cast side, Mutsumi Tamura will voice the role of Amanokawa Hiro a.k.a Milky Way. Miyuki Sawashiro will the voice actress for Gammamon. Meanwhile, Tsukiyo Noruri is the heroine on the series that will be voiced by Yu Kobayashi. Kazuya Nakai will take the role of Angoramon. Akira Ishida will voice Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai. And lastly, Yu Shimamura will play the role of Jerrymon

The video preview for the said anime will be unveil this September 12 during the 65th episode of Digimon Adventure.

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