New Promotional Image for Kamen Rider W anime “Fuuto Pi” Was Revealed, Summer 2022 Premiere

A new promotional image of the anime Fuuto Pi has been released. The said anime was based on the manga that depicts the aftermath of “Kamen Rider W”. In addition to that, staff information has also been announced

Yosuke Kabashima will serve as the director for the said anime, Riku Sanjo on the script and Hideaki Tsukada will be the producer of the show.

On the image board, along with the main character Shotaro, a hard boiler, which is the favorite machine of “Kamen Rider W”, appears. In addition, the appearance of the main characters such as Shotaro’s partner Philip, which is indispensable for this work, and the mysterious beauty Tokime, and the joyful atmosphere of the members in the detective office are drawn.

The original of the anime “Fuuto Pi” is a manga of the same name that depicts the orthodox sequel to the 11th Heisei Kamen Rider series “Kamen Rider W” broadcast in 2009. The drama was starring W by Renn Kiriyama, who played Shotaro Sakata, and Masaki Suda, who played Philip, and was well received as a hard-boiled detective buddy work.

In addition, staff information was also released. The director of this work is Yosuke Kabashima, who was the character design and animation director of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”. The deputy director is Ayataka Tanemura, who was the assistant director and director of “Black Clover”, and the character design and animation director is Hidekazu Ebina, who worked on “Fate / Apocrypha”, and Kiyoshi Komatsubara is also the animation director. The music is Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse, who have been involved in many Kamen Rider works.

The anime “Fuuto Pi” will premiere in the summer of 2022.

Source: Kamen Rider Website (Japanese)

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