Pastel∞Mix Updates: AsFire Heart is now a Kennin; Mina Day and Yoshi Introduced as 3rd Generation Members of AS☆FIRE

Ambox Events, the producer of Pastel∞Mix announced last August 28 that AsFire Heart is now a Kenin/Concurrent member of the group. She will be replacing Cherry Pyon on the said independent idol group. This will be the first in history to have a Kennin in the group.

May be an image of 1 person, standing and indoor
Pastel∞Mix newest member Heart Pyon

“After numerous meetings and discussions, ASFIRE’s management and members agreed to let Heart be a kennin member in Pastel Mix. The purpose of this agreement is to help the idol community here in the Philippines to grow and not die, especially during the pandemic. And to slowly show other local idol group to have a wonderful relationship between each other and help one another. “

– As per Pastel∞Mix Quote via their Facebook Page

Pastel∞Mix is an independent idol group based in Davao City since 2011 and have 4 members as of this moment:

  • Heart Pyon (New Member)
  • Jessa Pyon: lead vocal
  • Miichan Pyon: supporting vocal
  • Kanon Pyon: supporting vocal

Below are the former members were graduated last July:

  • Cherry Pyon – main vocal
  • Thea Pyon – main vocal

Meanwhile, AS☆FIRE introduced the 3rd Generation Members: Mina, Day and Yoshi. All of them are from team REDLIGHT.

AS☆FIRE is another independent local idol group under Ambox Events and they have Two Singles: Bahaghari and Paglubog ng Araw.


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