Netflix Original Anime “Lady Napoleon” Has Been Announced, Key Visual and Production Team Has Been Revealed

Netflix Japan announced that the upcoming original anime “Lady Napoleon” is currently on production. Illustrations of Sophie, Butler, and Guy were released at the same time.

Butler, Sophie, Guy from the left from the production materials under development.
Illustrations of Sophie, Butler, and Guy

The original anime is written by Shin Kibayashi of “BLOODY MONDAY”. The diector is Noriaki Akitaya who also worked for various anime such as “Bakuman”

“Lady Napoleon” is a magnificent action fantasy in which Lady Napoleon, an organization of Napoleon’s descendant Sophie, fights for world domination. In search of the three sacred treasures that Napoleon once owned, Sophie, Butler, a butler and a martial arts master, and Guy run around the world.

The animation production will be made by the animation studio ZERO-G in partnership with Netflix which was the said partnership announced last February 2020. “Lady Napoleon” is scheduled for 13 episodes and will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix. Wait for the follow-up report regarding the delivery time.


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