‘Heroine Tarumono!’ based on the song created by HoneyWorks will have an Anime Adaptation, April 2022 Premiere

The upcoming TV anime ‘Heroine Tarumono!’ based on the song created by HoneyWorks will officially premiere this April 2022 in Japan

“Heroine Tarumono!” is a song created by the popular vocaloid creator unit Honeyworks. It is a character song for Hiyori Suzumi, and a song relating to characters in the Love Series. The song is a direct continuation of “Heroine Ikusei Keikaku”, Hiyori’s first character song.

“Heroine! Tarumono” is about a high school girl, Hiyori Suzumi, who left her hometown and entered Sakuragaoka High School in Tokyo. And when she was looking for a part-time job in Tokyo, she happened to be the manager apprentice of Yujiro Someya and Aizo Shibasaki of the super popular high school student idol unit “LIP x LIP” who is also a classmate by chance. Hiyori struggles with school life, club activities, and manager apprenticeship, and the youth story of the high school idol “LIP x LIP” that shines on a dazzling stage.

Along with the announcement of the animation, the teaser visual was also revealed.

In addition, the cast will be announced with the character visuals of Hiyori Suzumi, Yujiro Someya, Aizo Shibasaki, Juri Hattori, and Chizuru Nakamura, who will appear in this anime!

Inori Minase plays the role of Hiyori Suzumi, a high school girl who became an apprentice manager of “LIP x LIP”, and Koki Uchiyama and Aizo Shibasaki play the role of Yujiro Someya, a two-person idol who is active as an idol unit “LIP x LIP”. Nobunaga Shimazaki, Ayane Sakura will play the role of Juri Hattori, who is in the same class as Hiyori and is bright and takes good care of the surroundings, and Saori Hayami will play the role of Chizuru Nakamura, who has a quiet, serious and idol-like side. Comments also arrived from each cast.

Source: Dengeki Online

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