“Gunsei no Fanfare” Original Anime to Premiere on 2022 As Per Announced by Aniplex

Aniplex announced that it will broadcast the original TV anime “Gunsei no Fanfare” in the spring of 2022. A youth ensemble drama of boys aiming to be jockeys at a horse racing school, which is said to have an admission rate of 10 to 20 times, was drawn, and staff cast information, teaser PV, etc. were also released.

The main character cast will be Shogo Yano, a former popular idol, Yu Arimura, Shimba Tsuchiya , a boy raised on an island, and Natsuki Hanae , a prestigious British idol, Amane Grace .

■ Introduction
Horse racing school, jockey course. The entrance rate is 10 to 20 times, and it is a narrow gate where qualities such as physical and motor function tests as well as academic tests are asked. A boy who gained popularity in an idol group first met his heartfelt dream-a boy raised on an island longed to run with a horse-and a boy from England lost his way as determined by his parents. However, still facing my dream–. This is the story of their youth, who spend three years passing through the gates of a horse racing school, dreaming of a jockey.

■ Staff
Director: Makoto Kato
Character Design: Hiro Kanzaki
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano
Animation Production: Lay-duce

■ Cast
Yu Arimura: Shogo Yano Shun
Kazenami: Amane Tsuchiya Kamiha
Grace: Natsuki Hanae

Source: Oricon News

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