MUSE Philippines Officially Launched to Serve More Free Anime on YouTube for Filipinos

MUSE Philippines has been officially launched on YouTube last Friday (August 13) and we are happy to be able to interview them to find out their plans on their channel and some possibilities that can happen on said YouTube Channel.

Muse Philippines’ Social Media Cover Photo

On our interview with them with the question of why Muse Philippines was launched, they said that a lot of the fans and viewers of Muse Asia are Filipinos and they want to start creating a dedicated fanbase for them. Anime has gotten so big in the Philippines and that it a perfect time start!

One of the plans was to create a social media platform of Muse dedicated for Filipino anime fans, in addition is the creation of the YouTube channel that will cater more Filipino anime fans with a mix of old but classic and new ones.

Muse Philippines YouTube Channel

As of this moment, the debut anime title released on Muse Philippines are Ushio and Tora, and Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious which are also streaming on Muse Asia YouTube Channel. Aside from that, simulcast anime like The Detective is Already Dead and Tokyo Revengers and Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun are also streaming on Muse Philippines on the same time as Japan.

On the possibility of dubbing an anime into Filipino, Muse Philippines is currently in searching of local Filipino translators that can help dubbed or translate Tagalog for them.

Muse Philippines is owned and operated by MUSE Communication Singapore and is an active branch company of MUSE Communications (Taiwan). A distributor and licensor company that specializes in the distribution of Japanese anime on various streaming partners and cable TV partners.

Support Muse Philippines by subscribing to their YouTube Channel and by following their Facebook and Instagram accounts to get more information about future releases and teasers of an anime that will be uploaded on the said YouTube Channel.

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