“polar” – Farther MV gains 100,000 views in just 10 days! View Count Rewards start as they reach more views for their MV

Philippines August 10, 2021 / OtaCute Philippines Inc. –

In celebration of the debut of the Filipino female vocal duo “polar”, event production company OtaCute will hold a  campaign “Let’s move farther with polar!” from August 10 (Tuesday) with equivalent goals linked to the number of views  of their music videos. 

On July 30th, Filipino female vocal duo “polar” debuts their first single “Farther”. In celebration of gaining more than  100,000 views. The duo has decided to give their fans a little something for every time the Music Video reaches a certain  number of views. The campaign serves as a challenge to the fans and supporters of the duo. 

To commemorate the 100,000 views, a live broadcast will be held on Wednesday, August 11, where the two members of  polar will read and respond to the comments on the music video. 

Reading comment live streaming: 

August 11 (Wed), 8pm 


Campaign Period:  

Tuesday, August 10, 2021, 0:00 – Friday, August 27, 2021, 24:00 

View Count Rewards:  

125,000 views – Farther Behind the scene video released 

150,000 views – Farther instrumental version released 

200,000 views – Debut memorial limited edition merchandises on sale

The debut single of the Filipino female vocal duo “polar” was co-produced by OtaCute, an event production company  with a mission of “Happiness to Everyone”, and Yoshihide Fujita, a producer who has worked with over 200 artists in  Japan and abroad. Debut single. 

The duo’s acoustic sound has been distributed worldwide across borders. Ashley and Faith of polar have written their own lyrics about their experiences, hopes for the future, and struggles,  creating a message song for their generation. 

In the midst of various restrictions due to the Corona disaster, they recorded the song for the first time by connecting  Japan and the Philippines online. The passion of the artists transcended the language barrier and synchronized with the  thoughts of the production staff to create a message that is like a candle to the youth of the world. 

  • Ashley Cloud Garcia
  • BIRTHDAY: August 31, 1998
  • BIRTHPLACE: Parañaque City, Philippines
  • MESSAGE: “The lyrics were made during a time when the world stopped moving. I hope that the lyrics would be able to encourage someone to get back on their feet and try facing their dreams again. If the situation permits, I would really like to be able to face our fans in person. Until then, I hope we can reach more people with our songs.”

  • Faith Shanrae
  • BIRTHDAY: December 07, 1999
  • BIRTHPLACE: Quezon City, Philippines
  • MESSAGE: “The song is about having hope and breaking free from the system that has become a tiring cycle. Especially during this time of the pandemic wherein we feel trapped and limited, we hope that this song can be a source of reminder and encouragement. We hope to be able to perform this in front of you guys live and face to face someday without having to face the risks. We have lots of ideas for our live performance so I think it would be pretty interesting. Also, you guys can watch out for our future releases. We hope to release fresh songs that tells various stories and will help you guys understand more about what “polar” means”

Filipino female vocal duo “polar” consists of Ashley and Faith, two graduated members of formerly Pinoy pop Idol group and produced by Japanese production company “Otacute Inc.” and Japanese musical producer Yoshihide Fujita.

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