Detective Conan New Episodes is Coming to GMA Network this 2021

#FirstOnOTacoBites | Philippine Television Channel GMA Network will set to air new episodes of Detective Conan this 2021

According to our reliable source, Alta Productions is now currently on the dubbing process of the said series with 52 episodes from episode 318 to episode 370 (episode 343 to episode 395 on our part based on the headcount of episodes that GMA Network currently have).

Image(s): Behind the scene dubbing of Detective Conan with Sir Jeff Utanes [Left], The English scripts of Detective Conan to be translated to Filipino [Right]

In addition, closed-caption feature will be also included for the sake of deaf viewers.

New episodes of Detective Conan are expected to air this 2021 on GMA Network. This article will be updated once we got the official airing schedule on the TV channel.

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