Cosplay Community’s Colossal Collaboration Celebrates Frontliners

Introducing the very first JAM Cover featuring a colossal collaboration between some of the most amazing performers in Philippine cosplay history dedicated to the brave souls in the front lines!

hero too cover3

Trapped in a world fraught with uncertainty and in a midst of a global crisis, the Philippine cosplay community show our appreciation to the frontliners for being our heroes in our battle with COVID-19. Like them, you can be a hero too by protecting your loved ones and our community by practicing social distancing.  We also want to do our part by conveying the spirit of hope and inspiration through the performance of a cover of the song titled “Hero Too” from the anime series My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia Season 4. Let’s all be heroes and rise through this crisis together!
Check out the performers involved in this massive effort:



“Naru” Lee Ahorro • Envy Smith • Hao (AsianChickenFest/Moonspeak)
Riah and Leah (DREAM Catchers/NIGHT Shifters) • Kirby Agudelo (AsianChickenFest)
Diane Sabandeja • Hino Fujiwara • Chiyuki and Sunny (CH4U)
Kat Langomez, Kang, and Satsuki (Seishun Kakumei)
Tsukino Aoi • Fatima • Jen Rae “Kenkoy” Cordero



DIRECTOR: Alex K. Sibug

SCRIPTWRITER: Christian Mack

COORDINATORS: Reeze Dumalo, Hades Tiu, “Tech Booth Tito” Jeriel, Nathaniel Jorriel



  1. “Naru” Lee Ahorro: Cosplay Carnival 2017 Cosplay Karaoke Mainstream Edition Champion and Event Host
  2. Envy Smith: ph Event Host
  3. Hao: ph Event Host, Singer for the original and the latest Cosplay Mania Theme Song
  4. DREAM Catchers: Cosplay Carnival 2019 Group Dance Battle Grand Champion, Cosplay Carnival 2017 Group Dance Battle Runner-Up
  5. NIGHT Shifters: ACX 2018 Cosplay’s Got Talent Runner Up, SP Performer Cosplay Mania 2018
  6. Kirby Agudelo: Co-writer, Cosplay Mania Original Theme Song
  7. Diane Sabandeja: Cosplay Matsuri 2018 and 2019 Guest Performer, Cosplay Craze 2017 3rd Place
  8. Hino Fujiwara: ACX 2016 Cosplay Karaoke Encore (2nd Place), ACX 2018 Cosplay Got Talent Champion, ACX 2019 Cosplay’s Got Talent 1st Runner Up
  9. CH4U: Little Akiba Influencer Contest 2018 Champion and 1st Runner up
  10. Seishun Kakumei: ACX 2019 Cosplay’s Got Talent Champion, Cosplay Carnival 2018 Cosplay Group Dance Battle Champion
  11. Tsukino Aoi: 3-time ACX Karaoke Encore Winner (2016, 2018, 2019)
  12. Fatima: ph Event Host
  13. Jen Rae “Kenkoy” Cordero: ph Event Host

Witness the inspiring premier of the music video on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 8:00 PM sharp! Tell us what you think in the live chat and keep the hope alive!


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