Ani-One Asia is Looking for Fan-Sub Contributor for Animes on YouTube

Ani-One Asia, a streaming platform of MediaLink that gives the latest and most classic anime around the world, is looking for “Fan-Sub Contributor” for its anime content of which are all streaming on its YouTube Channel.

As we all know, aside from its simulcast titles, most of its content especially the classic ones are not yet subtitled in English. Thus, the media and distributor company is looking for people who could do subtitling their anime content for the benefit of fans who really loves to watch anime.

The current list of anime that Ani-One is offering via its YouTube Channel (From left to right: Tokyo Ravens, Grisaia Series, My Girlfriend is a Gal, Akashic Records of the Bastard Instructor)

Anyone can contribute subtitles, which includes a review or approval from the distributor before subtitling contributions are made to be publish for public.

For those who wants to contribute, sign-in using your Google Account on YouTube.

using your Google Account

Second, go to the official YouTube channel of Ani-One Asia and look for the title or playlist that you want to subtitle.

Go to the official YouTube channel of Ani-One Asia and look for the title or playlist that you want to subtitle.

Third, click on that video to play.  Forth, under video setting click “Subtitles/CC” then click “Add Subtitles/CC“. A New webpage will be opened.

Under video setting click “Subtitles/CC” then click “Add Subtitles/CC”. A new web page will be opened.

Fifth, select language for subtitling (i.e. English, Filipino).

Choose for language that you prefer to do subtitling (i.e. English, Filipino)


Sixth, create your subtitle using the “TimedText Editor” powered by YouTube or you can upload a subtitle file (saved in .ass format).

You can now do subtitling using TimedText Editor powered by YouTube
You can upload a subtitle file
Subtitles are usually saved in .ass format (Update: .ass format is not working as of this moment)

Finally, click “Submit Contribution” and tick “Yes – They’re ready to be reviewed” then click Submit.

You can submit your contributed subtitle once you are done. Take Note: Community Subtitles will be reviewed by the Channel Owner/Creator before they make it public

Subtitles that were created will be under review by the channel creator until further approval to make it public.

Here’s a list of anime that doesn’t have an English or local subtitle yet:


“Let’s support the Anime Industry by helping using contributions! So that we could expect more from them!”

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