Gabb and Abby Named as Double Center for MNL48’s 6th Single ‘River’

During the MNL48 Valentine Mini-Concert Event last February 16, Hallohallo Entertainment announced the new set of Senbatsu for the 6th single “River”. 

Gabb Skribikin and Abby Trinidad was named as Double Center for the next single and the person who completes the Senbatsu . Aside Gabb and abby, The other member who completes senbatsu list are Belle De Los Reyes, Sheki Arzaga, Laney Sanosa, Jamie Alberto, Rans Rifol, Sela Guia, Ella Amat, Jan elaurza, Brei Binuya, Coleen Trinidad, Amy Isidto, Frances Pinlac, Gia Muse and Jaydee Villaruel

The MNL48’s 6th single ‘River’ Physical and Digital Release (which include Handshake Ticket and Voting Card for upcoming 3rd General Election) will be release on April this year.

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