Minecraft 20w07a: The Ultimate Flex Update

Mojang released a new snapshot for Minecraft Nether Update. This time a new mob has been added. The Piglins.  Hoglins has now functionality and Netherite can now be used for ULTIMATE FLEXING.

The Hoglins and The Piglins

A Piglin hunting a Hoglin


A Hoglin

Hoglins is a new mob in the Nether. Spawns naturally in the Crimson Forest. If you get too close to them, they will chase and attack you. If you punch it with the other Hoglins near the area, they will all chase you. If you want to stop chasing you, just plant some Warped Fungi near them and they will run away, because they don’t like the smell of the Warped Fungi. Hoglins are also a food source in the Nether. When you kill them, they will drop raw porkchop. Sometimes they will drop leather too.

Baby Hoglins may look tough, but they are not. They will charge at you and attack you, sometimes it will hurt you, but most of the time they don’t.

Hoglins are also a food source for the Piglins. When the Piglins get hungry, they will hunt Hoglins and kill them. Although after killing them, some of the Piglin leave the raw porkchop. Are they really hungry or not?


A Piglin

Piglins is a new mob in the Nether. They love Golds. They spawns naturally in the Crimson Forest and sometimes in Nether Waste. If the Piglins sees you, they will attack you. Just like Zombie Pigman, they will attack you as a group. But if you wear proper armor, they will not attack you.

What’s this armor? It’s the Golden Armor!

It doesn’t have to be a complete Golden Armor. If you have at least 1 Golden Armor wear in your body, you’re good to the Piglins.

The Piglins will also attack you if you mine Block of Gold or open a chest near them. Because they think that you will steal their Gold.

Piglins are basically like a Villager in overworld. You can trade with them by throwing Gold Ingot to them or by right clicking while holding a Gold Ingot. When trading, they will throw the trades at you.

When Piglins goes to the overworld, they transformed into Zombified Piglins. In this snapshot, there is a bug where instead of Piglins will transform into Zombified Piglin, they will transform into Zombie Pigman, because the model wasn’t implemented yet. But Minecraft tweeted out the model of Zombified Piglin.


In history, Wither Skeleton is their great rival. So when they see Wither Skeleton, they will attack it. 

And don’t be afraid of Baby Piglins, even if you don’t have gold armor, they will not attack you. Baby Piglins will most likely play with Baby Hoglins. Also, they don’t like Soul Fire.


Piglins Trading

In order to know the most trade item of Piglins, I conduct an experiment by building a simple Piglin Farm.

A Piglin Farm

I’m no Mumbo Jumbo when it comes to redstone contraption, but when the thing works, it works. So this is the Piglin Farm. The 10 Piglins are enclosed in a stained glass. Below them is a hopper that is connected to a chest. And above them is a dispenser full of Gold Ingot.

Inside the Dispenser

On the other hand, I made an Infinite Redstone Loop.


Connect this Infinite Redstone Loop to the top of the dispenser, and the dispenser will dispense Gold Ingot to the Piglins repeatedly until it run out of Gold Ingot , and Piglins will pick it up and throw the trade. The traded item will go to the hopper and straight to the chest.  Let’s leave the Piglin farm for a few minutes and let the trading go on.

Few minutes later…

Here are the results of the experiment.


Common Trade: 

  • Rotten Flesh – 390 pcs
  • Flint – 279 pcs
  • Gravel – 218 pcs
  • Red Mushroom – 137 pcs
  • Crimson Fungi – 133 pcs
  • Soul Sand – 126 pcs
  • Leather – 105 pcs
  • Nether Brick – 102 pcs

Normal Trade: 

  • Brown Mushroom – 83 pcs
  • Raw Porkchop – 54 pcs
  • Eye of Ender – 48 pcs
  • Warped Fungi – 41 pcs
  • Shroom Light – 35 pcs
  • Glowstone Dust – 35 pcs
  • Fire Charge – 29 pcs
  • Magma Cream – 23 pcs

Rare Trade: 

  • Quartz – 11 pcs
  • Obsidian – 4 pcs
  • Warped Nylium – 3 pcs

As a result of this experimentation, the most common trade of Piglin is Rotten Flesh and the most rare trade is Warped Nylium.

Now that the experimentation is done, lets now do some flexing!

Netherite Beacon


The Ultimate Flex of all. A full Netherite Beacon. This is probably the most expensive beacon of all.  Why? Let’s do some math.

A full beacon power needs 164 Blocks of Netherite. A one Block of Netherite is equal to 9 Netherite Ingots.  It will take up to 1, 476 Ingots for 164 Blocks of Netherite. One Netherite Ingot can be crafted with 4 Netherite Scraps and 4 Gold Ingots. Total of 5, 904 each for Netherite Scraps and Gold Ingots for a 164 Blocks of Netherite. To get Netherite Scrap and Gold Ingot, you need to mine Ancient Debris and Gold Ore, and smelt it. Each ore yields one ingot and scrap. So you need to mine 5, 904 Ancient Debris and 5, 904 Gold Ores.

Here’s the visual representation of this calculations

Other Updates

Building a Wither

You can now build a wither with Soul Soil

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enderman’s AI

Enderman can pick up new nether blocks

Enderman picking up the Warped Nylium

The Piglin’s tryna steal all our stuff again

When you drop your armor, weapon, and shield, the Piglin will pick it up and wear it. So if you drop your Netherite items with full enchantment on it, and Piglin wear it… RUN!

In order to retrieve your stuff, you need to kill the Piglin.

Piglin with full Netherite Armor with Golden Sword and Shield

And that’s basically the update for the 20w07a snapshot!

Go on and flex that full Netherite beacon and items to your friends.

Remember to wear some Golden Armor before entering the nether, and make some good trading with Piglins.

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