Let’s leave the Honey BEE-hind and go straight to the Nether!


When you hear Nether, what usually comes in your mind? What is your purpose on visiting Nether? Some say “It’s Hell!”. Some say, “Fast Travel”. Some say, “I go to Nether just to farm Blaze, and get some Nether warts. After that, I’m outta here!”

On February 5, Mojang will change the purpose of visiting the Nether with their latest snapshot for the 1.16 Nether Update. This includes 3 new Nether biome. Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, and Soul Sand Valley.  New blocks, mobs, ores, and items!

The Crimson Forest

Crimson Forest, the home of Hoglins

In this biome, you can find a lot of Red Netherwart “Trees” that have light source in it. You can also find some Weeping Vine, Crimson Fungi, Crimson Roots, and a Crimson Nylium. This is also the biome where the new mobs is spawning. The Hoglins.

Crimson Fungi is a mushroom type that is planted across the Crimson Forest. When you bone meal it, it will grow into Red Nether wart “Tree”.

Crimson Roots is a type of grass that grows in Crimson Forest.

Crimson Nylium is a type of Netherrack block that has a grass type on top of it. This is the block where you can plant Crimson and Warped Roots and Fungi.

Weeping Vines is a special kind of vine. Vines in Minecraft grow beside the block. Weeping Vines grow under the block downwards.

Shroomlight is a new light source that can be found inside the Netherwart “Trees”.

Crimson Stem is a type of log that you can mine on Red Netherwart “Tree”. Like the other logs, you can convert it into planks, and craft different kind of blocks but in purple color (except for other wooden blocks, tools and armors).

Hoglins, the ear flapping new mob in the Nether. They are naturally spawn in Crimson Forest. For now they don’t have much purpose, other than giving you rotten flesh when you kill them. Please don’t kill them, they are so cute.


In this biome you can find a lot of Netherwart Blocks. (Sadly, you still cannot convert it into 9 Netherwarts).

Warped Forest

Warped Forest, the home of Enderman

Basically the same as Crimson Forest but it is Cyan Colored and all the name is started with Warped. Warped Wart “Tree”, Warped Fungi, Warped Stem, Warped Roots, Warped Nylium. But with few new blocks.

Nether Sprouts is a type of grass that grows in Warped Forest.

In this biome, Enderman spawns naturally. So if you want to farm some Enderman, Warped Forest is the best place to farm!

Notice the ” “ on trees, because they start as fungi, so you will think that it is a mushroom, but when you bone meal it, it will grow like a tree, but when you chop down the “tree”, the log is called stem, but if you craft it in crafting table, it is called Planks. So which one is it? Is it a tree or a mushroom? Maybe both?



Also the Crimson and Warped Stem / Planks is fire proof. So they will not burn down.  These blocks are a perfect block to build your lava proof, fire proof and thunder proof house.

Soul Sand Valley

Soul Sand Valley, the home of Ghast and Skeletons

Soul Sand Valley is an open area made mostly out of Soul Sand, and Soul Soil. There’s also a pillar of new blocks called Basalt. The ambiance here is so cool! The fog here is blue! The fire is also blue when you lit the Soul Soil. And there’s some fossil laying around the biome. Ash falls through the air.

Soul Soil, Soul Soil with fire, Soul Fire Torch and Soul Fire Lantern

Soul Soil, unlike Soul Sand, you can walk and jump normal here. Soul Soil can also be used to craft Soul Fire Torch, and from Soul Fire Torch, you can craft it to Soul Fire Lantern. (Basically it’s just a blue version of normal torch and normal lantern, but COOL!)

Also in this biome, a lot of Skeleton and Ghast will spawn. So if you want to farm some bone meal, bow, arrow, gun powder, and Ghast Tear, this is the best place to farm.

Ancient Debris and Netherite Items


Ancient Debris, and complete Netherite Items

In this new snapshot update, mojang introduced us to a new ore called Ancient Debris.

What is Ancient Debris? Where can I find that ore? What can you craft with that ore?

Ancient Debris is a new ore than can be only found in the depths of Nether. This ore is ultra rare and it is hard to find. You can find this ore below Y=11 and mostly in the pool of lava, and if you manage to find it, it’s going to be only one block of ore. If you’re lucky, you’ll find 2 to 3 blocks of ore. So good luck on finding that ore. And don’t worry about dropping the Ancient Debris in lava, cause Ancient Debris will float on lava. In order to mine Ancient Debris, you will need Diamond Pickaxe or Netherite Pickaxe.

Ancient Debris and all the Netherite Items are floating on the pool of lava


With that ore, you can smelt it on furnace or blast furnace to yield single Netherite Scrap.




From Netherite Scrap, you can craft it into Netherite Ingot. Here’s the crafting recipe for Netherite Ingot. 



From Netherite Ingot, you can upgrade your diamond armors and tools into high-tier Netherite armors and tools. Here’s the crafting recipe for Netherite armors and tools

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It’s a waste of resources.



If you want to flex, you can craft Block of Netherite.


When you acquire a Netherite Armor, it gives you knockback resistance. So whenever a skeleton shoots you an arrow, the knockback will be less. Netherite Tools last longer and mine faster. Netherite Armor also lasts longer, and adds more toughness. Netherite Items can float on lava.


Take note that if your diamond armors and tools have enchantments on it, if you apply a Netherite ingot in it, the enchantments will be removed.


With this new snapshot, there will be a reason now to explore and have a great adventure in the nether. Do some strip mining in Nether. Yeah sounds weird but it’s the only way to gather Ancient Debris. A new block that you can use to build a cool and fire proof house with a little bit of aesthetic in it. Have fun building and get some Netherite items to flex on your friend and do some pvp!


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