Tagalog Dubbed Animes on HOOQ | Knock Out, One Punch Man, and Assassination Classroom are Now Available for Streaming for Free

Video-on-Demand and Live Streaming service HOOQ is now streaming selected Filipino-dubbed animes from Telesuccess Inc., which is the distributor of such animes like Assassination Classroom, Knock Out (Hajime no Ippo), and One Punch Man.

Knock Out (Hajime no Ippo) on HOOQ

As per checking the streaming website, HOOQ is currently streaming the three seasons of Knock Out, which has 76 episodes from the first season, 26 episodes from the 2nd season (Knock Out: New Challenger), and 25 episodes from the 3rd season (Knock Out: Rising)

Assassination Classroom on HOOQ

Aside from that the said streaming service is also streaming the complete series of Assassination Classroom dubbed in Filipino. The first season of the said anime was previously aired on GMA Network last 2018, while the final season last 2019.

One Punch Man on HOOQ

Also, 12 episodes of Filipino-dubbed version of One Punch Man is also available for streaming. The said anime was previously premiered on ABS-CBN’s digital channel YeY last 2018 and on ABS-CBN last 2019.

Mazinger Z Infinity on HOOQ

In addition, HOOQ is also streaming some of its tagalized anime movies like Mazinger Z Infinity and Lupin The 3rd movies such as “Bank of Liberty“, “Dragon of Doom“, “Bye Bye, Lady Liberty“, “Harimao’s Treasure“, “Island of Assassins“, “Missed by a Dollar“, and “The Columbus Files“.

Lupin The 3rd Movie Collection on HOOQ

Telesuccess Productions is the premiere content localization, dubbing and audio post-production for television in the Philippines. They have been translating and dubbing animation and drama shows which most of them are distributed on such TV networks like GMA, TV5, and ABS-CBN.

Watch it all on hooq.tv/ph

HOOQ is a Singaporean video on demand streaming service and Asia’s first premium video-on-demand service to launch across Southeast Asia including the Philippines.

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