Faith Santiago Bids Farewell to MNL48

MNL48 member Faith Shanrae Santiago Announced her Graduation as MNL48 Member During the MNL48 Christmas Mini Concert last Sunday at Movie Star Cafe in Quezon City. The Reasons still unknown as of this moment.

After the Announcement, she sing the AKB48’s Kokoro no Placard where she performed as center during “MNL48 First Generation: Living The Dream Concert” last April 6, 2019.

#ThankYouMNL48Faith is currently Trending in Twitter Philippines after the Announcement.


She will be present in MNL48 events and as part of Team MII  “Party Ga Hajimaru Yo” Theatre Show on January 25,2020 and as member of 5th Single Senbatsu. The Details for her Graduation Concert will be announced soon on MNL48’s Social Media Accounts.



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