“oBERLoaded” New Programs will come ON 5 This September

Starting September 23, 5 will have a major changes on their schedule grid, as well as adding and transfering of some of its programs on their other channels like 5PLUS and some of Cignal Channels like ONE PH, ONE NEWS and ONE SPORTS.


News5 will have its expanded programming by adding some shows from ONE PH and ONE NEWS
-MORNING CALLS with Laila Chikadora every Weekdays at 5:00am
-AGENDA with Cito Beltran every Weekdays at 6:00am
-ONE BALITA every Weekdays at 12:00pm
-ONE BALITA PILIPINAS every Weekdays at 10:00pm
-WAG PO every Weekdays at 10:15pm
-TURBO TIME every Saturday at 11:00pm
-THE CHIEFS every Sunday at 11:00pm

News5 will also having a re-airing of some of its shows.
-DEMOLITION JOB every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm
-HISTORY with Lourd every Saturday at 11:30am


The ‘ber’ month will be also full of oBERLoaded films as 5 will be also airing films everyday.
-Sine Spectacular airs every Tuesday to Friday at 2:30pm
-Primetime Megahits airs every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00pm
-Sabado Night Specials every Saturday at 9:30pm
-Sunday Film Festival everu Sunday at 9:30pm


Aside from that, TV5 will also air some of its past drama shows and foreign series.
-KIDLAT every Weekdays at 10:00am
-The Flash Season 3 every Weekdays at 11:00am
-Kapitan Awesome every Tuesday to Friday at 1:30pm

Ber months will be also the busiest month for TV5, together with Cignal as they are the official TV partner of the 2019 South East Asian Games that will happen here in the Philippines.

Due to the changes of TV5’s programming grid, some of sports programs from ESPN5 were either transferred to its sister channels and/or changes its timeslot.
-SportsCenter PH will air every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening
-NFL Games will now be airing on 5PLUS and ONE SPORTS
-PSL Games will now be airing on 5PLUS and ONE SPORTS
-PBA Games and some shows of PBA Rush will also remain on 5 every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
-NCAA U.S. Basketball will also transfer on 5PLUS

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