Kawaii 5: Through the Years

Remember “Kawaii 5”?

Before we start, let’s talk about Aidoru, Aidoru or Japanese Idols are became popular in japan and overseas aside from anime, there are some individuals or a groups made the spotlight in the Japanese Pop culture scene. some of idol group are already build their sister group like AKB48 and other sister group in japan and overseas including MNL48.

The Idol Group in the Philippines was started in 2010’s and many local idol group are now Bigger and Grower through the years. and we discuss on next article. and now let’s move to next topic, The Defunct Female Idol Group capture the heart of Pinoy Wotas, The Kawaii 5!

What is Kawaii 5?

Kawaii 5 is a Girl idol group from the philippines managed by HalloHallo Entertainment, Kawaii5 also role as an Ambassadress for NHK-TV drama “Amachan” that was aired on TV5 last October 2015. Kawaii 5 was composed of 5 cute and lovely girls Alice, Jelline, Monica, Mae and their leader Venus.  The Local Idol Group  introduced on 5-minute mini show “hallo hallo cafe”, was after the TV drama end. This show introduce the Japanese Idol culture shows with segments like mini-games (similar on defunct online show MNLaugh or AKB48’s AKBingo!), documentaries, and raffle prizes given away to the viewers from its online store, shop.hallohallo.com, a website subsidized by Hallo Hallo Inc. This show runs more than  150 episodes, same episode runs on said TV Drama.

After the shows, Kawaii 5 continues to guesting in a malls anime conventions like Cosmania and TV shows in TV5 like defunct sunday noontime  “Happy Truck Happinas” and NET25’s Letters and Music.


in 2016, kawaii5 get the chance to performed live at the ICON DOLL LOUNGE event held in the Kawaii fashion-mecca Harajuku in tokyo, japan and guesting in a TV show at NHK. the girl idol group also featured on a Fashion-lifestyle show “Tokyo Fashion Express” in NHKWorld TV last March 2016.


in 2016, Ivory Music and Video release the first Single album “Kawaii5”.

TokyoManiLoves was the Last guesting before it’s disband in 2017.

Currently, one of former member Alice Margalita de Leon, is now official member and  overall captain of AKB48 sister group, MNL48.



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