READ: Do’s and Don’ts During 1st Manila Idol Matsuri 2018

Manila Idol Matsuri Organizer Releases the Rules and Regulations for Upcoming Manila Idol Matsuri 2018 Held at TIU Theater in Makati City.

Note: Staff members reserve the right to update the rules and regulations as deemed necessary.


* Limit to 1 bag policy.
* All bags are subject to inspection.
* Suitcases and other large bags are not allowed. Please deposit them at the reception area.
* No firearms and weapons allowed.
* Organizers reserve the right to deny entry to the event for any reason including, but not limited to, not following rules and regulations set for the safety of everyone.

Theater Rules

* No bringing in of foods and drinks from outside.
* No pets allowed.
* Please observe proper hygiene.
* Guests in the seating area should remain seated.
* Guests in the standing area are advised not to do full wotagei so as not to disturb the people around you. A bit of dancing and a few jumps are okay.
* Please refrain from headbanging if you feel this would disturb the people around you.


* Picture taking and recording of videos for personal use are allowed during the event. Feel free to snap a few souvenir pictures 🙂 We then encourage you to enjoy the event in its full glory instead of spending all of your time taking pictures.
* Facebook live and other real-time streaming services are not allowed during the event.
* Flash photography is not allowed.
* Light modifiers (LED panels, continuous lighting bulbs, etc.) are not allowed.
* Raising your camera above your head is not allowed.
* Selfie-sticks, monopods, tripods, light stands, and stabilization rigs are not allowed.
* No drones allowed.
* Group shots with idols taken with personal cameras are not allowed during the entire event. Group shots with idols can be taken, for a fee, at the Canon photo taking booth. Let us show our support to our favorite groups by availing of this service.


* Cosplay is allowed, but please refrain from wearing extremely bulky or extremely revealing costumes. Please remember that you will be sitting in a regular-sized movie theater seat for the entire show.
* Staffs, swords, clubs, toy guns, shields, and other complementary props are not allowed.
* Hairstyles that result in blocking a significant amount of the view of people behind you are also not allowed (sj, ssj, afros, etc).
* Idol group t-shirts, event t-shirts, oshimen t-shirts, oshimen face t-shirts, happis, and tokkoufukus, on the other hand, are allowed and encouraged!!


* Lightsticks and uchiwas are highly recommended for use in cheering for our idols during their performances.
* Please be mindful of the people behind you in the theater. To make sure that you do not obstruct their view of the stage, lightsticks and uchiwas should not be raised higher than your head.

Other items are discouraged. These are items such as, but are not limited to:

* Towels may be brought-in, but should not be raised and waved during the concert.
* Use of lighters as light sources is not allowed.
* No streamers, flags, banners, posters, and message boards allowed.
* Headgears that extend one’s height are not allowed (except for religious purposes). Headbands, face masks, beanies, and other non-obstructive wears are allowed.
* No stuff toys allowed.
* No pillows allowed.
* No balloons allowed.
* No reflective vests allowed.
* No traffic batons/ light sticks allowed.
* No toy lightsabers allowed.
* No light-up signs or LED/LCD signs allowed.


* Trading of idol goods is allowed before the show, during the designated break-time (matsuri time), and after the show.
* Please refrain from trading goods during performance time.


* Gifts will be given directly to the idol groups.
* Idol groups are solely responsible for handling gifts from their fans

Via Manila Idol Matsuri Facebook Page


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