Pinay J-Pop Artist Beverly Perform Final Fairy Tail Anime’s Ending Theme Songs

Our Pinay J-Pop Beverly sing her ending theme of upcoming final season of fairy tail series titled “Endless Harmony”.

on her interview, she was a big fan of fairy tail since her student days in the Philippines.

I am Philippines I am a big fan of FAIRY TAIL since I was a student. FAIRY TAIL is a very important work that taught me the importance of my friends and family. Natsu and Lucy cooperate, fight, and overcome each other when problems and crisis are encountered. And the magic of each character is very cool and interesting. (I am enviously envious! Lol)  (translate from Japanese)

she was surprised and excited for her upcoming theme song.

I really love FAIRY TAIL, so when I heard that you can sing the ending theme of the final chapter of the work, I was surprised and very excited. Thank you very much. 

This song is titled “Endless Harmony” and features a very unique and powerful melody. Not only the impressive melody at the beginning high tension, but also the last fake part not only my own experience, but also singing with the battle of Natsu and Lucy, FAIRY TAIL imagined. It is the part I could sing the most while enjoying, so I’d like to hear it. 
Let’s keep fighting for the sake of the future to protect our friends and loved ones for tomorrow. (translate from Japanese)

Aside from Beverly, lol also sings their opening theme entitled “power of the dream”.

Final season of Fairy tail premiered on October 7, 2018 in Japan.

via Fairy Tail Website


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