The Legend Ends: HERO TV’s Final Broadcast on January 31

ABS-CBN’s cable channel HERO TV will set to end its broadcast on January 31.

The cable TV provider Sky Cable and a representative from ABS-CBN already confirmed that the said channel will come to end due to lack of advertisers and as a result of it, the management decided to shutdown HERO TV and some of the cable channels from ABS-CBN such as “TAG TV” and “ABS-CBN Regional Channel” that will set to end also its broadcast on January 15

HERO TV is a cable channel specialising in airing Filipino-dubbed anime. They made a test broadcast last October 2005 and they formally launched the channel last November 2015. Some of the notable titles have been aired on the said channel such as Maburaho, Major, Love Live, Mirmo de Pon, Gundam Seed, Umaru-Chan and more.

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Since Tag TV will end broadcast, Some of the foreign movies that are dubbed in Filipino will be move on its digital free TV channel “Cinemo” and cable channel “Cinema One”. Also as per the sources told, two popular Japanese anime film such as “Your Name” and “A Silent Voice” will be airing soon on ABS-CBN’s “Kapamilya Blockbusters”.



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