#jebaitcon2018 | Japan POP CON 2018 : HOAX or Not?

Editor’s Note: When I was writing this article, the Facebook page of Japan POP CON started posting their troll posts and that concludes that the event was a HOAX.

In the past weeks during the month of December, there was an unfamiliar event that went viral on Facebook. And that event was called “Japan POP CON 2018” which was “supposed” to happen on March 31 to April 1 next year at “3rd Floor” of SMX convention Center. Wait? What? Third floor?

Image result for smx convention center


For those who are curious about the architectural structure of the SMX Convention Center, it is composed of two floors, four exhibition halls, five function rooms, fourteen meeting rooms. With a twenty-one thousand (21,000) square meters of leasable space, it may accommodate a wide array of events. The function rooms have a total floor area of seven thousand one hundred (7,100) square meters. So meaning, “3rd floor” is not really existing. Literally none. Gets? .

And ohhh… the given and the “supposed” date of the event will fall during the Holy Week holiday in the Philippines and also during April 1 which is Easter Sunday and also April Fools Day.

Image result

(Photo: cnn philippines)

And another thing, why the hell Xander Ford is the host of the event? Are they fooling us?

Suzuko Mimori? A huge fund will gonna be need for this. (haha)

Cosplayer from Taiwan “MON” already said via Messenger that she didn’t even know about the event.


We send and e-mail to the said event page but no responds as of this moment.

To confirm once and for all, We called the representative from the SMX Convention Center and they told us that they don’t have such an event like “Japan POP CON 2018” on their records.

So, is this event an HOAX? Literally Yes! #Paasa


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